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Garments shrunk in the laundry quickly end up in the trash - is it time to change how we wash?  We've all had clothes that shrink in the wash. A little tight around the middle perhaps, or with legs and arms coming up rather shorter than they were prior to entering the washing machine. When it happens to a favourite pair of jeans or expensive new outfit, it's more than just an annoyance - and once shrunk, the chances of clothes being worn again reduce significantly. 人们提到的处理衣服的第一个原因是它们不再合身了, 或者在清洗中被损坏了. 所以大发彩神争8下载最新手机版知道,如果大发彩神争8下载最新手机版能防止由于水洗而造成的缩水等损坏, we can extend the useful life of our clothes - saving money and, 最重要的是, reducing the environmental impact of the clothes we wear. 为什么大发彩神争8下载最新手机版要在洗衣机里洗衣服? 几个世纪以来, we washed fabrics and clothes by hand - gently cleaning them by soaking, and then massaging the cloth to remove dirt. Automatic washing machines have been around for a hundred years or so, 而一种具有大量洗涤程序的现代机器将这一费力的过程机械化并自动化了. 它们让大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的生活更轻松, 在发达国家,它通常被视为大多数家庭的必需品. Unfortunately, however, machine washing just isn’t as gentle to your clothes as washing by hand. 这台机器的强大力量可以对衣物纤维施加压力并使其断裂,而这是你的手无法做到的, damaging your clothes and leading to shrinkage - and ultimately, 提前退休.  To understand why clothes shrink in the wash, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版首先需要了解它们被制造出来时发生了什么. What, Actually, is Shrinkage – and Why Does it Happen? Throughout the process of making our clothes, particularly the spinning of fibres and the knitting and weaving of textiles, 材料总是处于张力之下. But when we wash them in a machine they are subjected to heat, 潮湿和强烈的机械作用-这种破坏性的组合导致纤维中的张力丢失, allowing garments to shrink and change shape. 实际上有一个技术术语来描述它——固结收缩——它被定义为面料和服装尺寸的变化, 包括长度, 宽度和厚度. 它会受到很多因素的影响, 包括纤维的种类, how they've been woven or knitted into the final garment, and the harshness of the washing process. From one wash to the next, the signs of shrinkage can be subtle. 但是洗十次以上, the difference can be enormous - changing your clothes dramatically, 腰带不再合身, or trouser hems hanging some distance above your ankles. 机洗引起的其他潜在问题包括:衣服下垂或改变形状(“缩水”会, 令人奇怪的是, 这也意味着衣服会变大! Any change of shape that happens during washing is loosely defined as shrinkage) Damage to transfers, 颜色褪色或起球(有时称为起毛起球)纤维和微纤维的脱落大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的衣服正在危害环境. 集体, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版每年在服装上花费数万亿美元,这使得时尚产业成为世界上最大的产业之一. 但它也是对环境破坏最严重的一种——消耗大量资源,产生大量废物. Estimates suggest that more than 100 billion garments are made each year, and it’s thought that 85% of textiles are dumped into landfill yearly, 而不是被回收或再利用. “快时尚”——即不断频繁改变服装风格的文化——促成了这些数字的增长. 消费者正在购买时尚产品, inexpensive clothes and wearing them just a few times before disposal. 一些调查甚至表明,现在有相当一部分人认为时尚是“一次性的”——数百万件衣服只穿过一次就被扔掉了. 洗好. So, 如果大发彩神争8下载最新手机版能好好照顾自己的衣服, 防止收缩和其他会加速它们被扔进垃圾桶的伤害, it’s likely we will wear them longer - reducing unnecessary waste. New technologies can help by significantly reducing damage caused by washing. We also need to rethink our relationship with fashion, and learn to love our clothes for longer. 现在你就可以采取一些实用的措施来减少衣物的损坏,延长衣物的使用寿命:尽可能少洗. Most of us wash our clothes more than is necessary. 例如,牛仔裤一个月洗一两次以上就可以了. 长时间的循环会加剧损害. 短, 日常洗涤程序通常足以让你的衣服焕然一新——它们更环保,还能省钱. 大多数洗涤循环在40°C下运行, 但实际上,30摄氏度的温度足以让除最脏的东西外的所有东西都干净,而20摄氏度的温度甚至更好! 使用更少的水. Quick daily wash cycles typically use less water than other programmes. 作为奖励, fewer microfibres - a major source of pollution in the environment - will be washed down the drain. Extending the life of a garment by just 9 months can reduce its environmental footprint by 20%-30%. This has significant benefits for the environment, 节约大量的水, 碳排放和废物. In the long run, it will save you money too. [可持续性, 博客, Garment Care, 消费者]

Clothes That Shrink in the Wash are Bad for the Environment

Garments shrunk in the laundry quickly end up in the trash - is it time to change how we wash? ...
联合国可持续发展目标是大发彩神争8下载最新手机版所做一切工作的核心. 这就是为什么. Over the course of recent history, the lives of billions of 人 have become immeasurably better. The living standards that many of us enjoy today are those our grandparents could only dream of. But in raising these standards we have put unsustainable pressure on our natural and human resources. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版很多人现在都明白,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版迫切需要找到解决办法来减少这种压力,以便每个人, 无论是现在还是将来, 在集市上能可持续地生活吗, 安全健康的世界. 改变一起, we must be unrelenting in our efforts to halt and reverse climate change, to stabilise erratic weather patterns and return the temperature of our planet to what it needs to be. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版需要使用更少的水,停止污染,这样才能有足够的水来满足不断增长的全球人口. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版需要地球日, the point each year when we exceed the sustainable use of Earth’s resources, 每年晚一点再晚一点. 实现这些目标将是修复已经造成的损害的一大步, 在很大程度上, 是无意中创建. 世界上最贫困地区的人们最容易感受到不可持续行为的影响, where those already without increasingly have less. 生活在生产棉花的国家的人们受到了持续的水资源短缺的严重影响,而气候变化又加剧了这一问题. 许多人没有意识到,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版穿的衣服对他们的制造者和大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的全球环境有重大影响. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的时尚采购支持了一个价值上万亿美元的产业,但它是工厂的第二大用水者和最大的污染者之一. 值得庆幸的是, 无论是个人还是集体, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版可以努力保护和培育自然和人力资源,创造一个更美好的世界. 在某种程度上,这可以通过大发彩神争8下载最新手机版作为个体所做的选择来实现. 但是,大规模的成功将意味着通过系统变革做出积极的选择. 通过和实现联合国可持续发展目标而实现的制度变革. 联合国可持续发展目标是实现更好发展的路线图, 给每个人更公平的未来. 它们是政府的指南, enterprises and all of us to live sustainably in the world we share. 在大发彩神争8手机版, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版相信,每一项可持续发展目标都是毫无疑问的,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版已经决定,发展目标应该指导大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的行动和方式. The technologies we and others develop directly benefit the achievement of a number of the goals, such as protecting life under water (Goal 14) and the provision of clean, 安全饮用水(目标6). 如果你想了解更多关于可持续发展目标的信息,以及大发彩神争8下载最新手机版如何支持这些目标,请点击这里. 马克·尼克尔斯, CEO, 大发彩神争8手机版 Technology Group (可持续性、博客、消费)

马克·尼克尔斯: Supporting Sustainable Development

联合国可持续发展目标是大发彩神争8下载最新手机版所做一切工作的核心. 这就是为什么....
来自天然的微纤维, 就像用来做牛仔裤的棉花, 在过去的几年里,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版很多人对“微纤维”这个词已经很熟悉了——就是用来制作衣服的细小纤维, which break off when we wash and wear them. 在大多数情况下, 当大发彩神争8下载最新手机版谈到微纤维时,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版想到的是由聚酯或尼龙等合成纤维制成的衣服, 哪些是由用于制造许多其他塑料制品的油基化合物制成的, 比如吸管或购物袋. 当这些微纤维从衣服上脱落时,它们会形成一种微塑料,是主要的污染源, 影响海洋最深处和北极最遥远的地方. 但现在科学家们开始提出一个棘手的问题——“天然的”微纤维, 像棉花, 也是个问题? Denim It’s estimated that on any given day half the world’s population could be wearing jeans. 但大发彩神争8下载最新手机版对这一衣橱主打产品的喜爱正在对环境产生影响. An important study by the University of Toronto has found evidence of indigo-dyed microfibres, 在北极深海里穿牛仔裤, sediment samples and the Great Lakes Huron and Ontario. 事实上, 研究发现,粗斜纹棉布牛仔裤中的纤维分布很广,在研究过程中发现的所有微纤维中,它们占了10%-23%. Other findings show: 1 pair of used jeans can shed 56,每年,仅在加拿大的一个家庭中,就会有超过1300万个牛仔布的微纤维被释放出来, 研究超细纤维污染的科学家们倾向于把重点放在合成纤维上,因为合成纤维对海洋环境和野生动物构成了潜在的严重威胁. 500年左右,000 tonnes are released into the ocean 每年 from washing clothes and, 一旦在海洋里, 它们能持续很长时间. 到目前为止, 在这种假设下,研究人员不太关心“天然”微纤维的规模和影响, 作为有机物质, they will rapidly degrade in ocean environments. But Toronto’s study suggests that may not the case. It shows that ‘natural’ microfibres can last a long time in the environment, 肯定足够长,可以被北冰洋洋流输送到很远的地方. 其他研究表明,海洋中“天然”微纤维的数量可能比合成纤维多. 如果这是真的,那么许多天然的微纤维都是从几十年前制作的衣服上脱落下来的, before the rapid growth in the use of synthetics, could still be floating around in the 海洋 today. 多伦多研究人员提出的其中一个原因是“天然”纤维在环境中不会分解, is the addition of chemicals during the manufacturing process. These include things like flame retardants or, 比如多伦多对牛仔裤的研究, 靛蓝染料的添加. 可能正是这些化学过程减缓了环境中天然纤维的降解. 事实上, 多伦多争辩道,这些工序对天然纤维的修饰达到了这样的程度,以至于牛仔布的微纤维根本就不是“天然的”. Instead, Toronto prefers to call them ‘AC’ microfibres or ‘Anthropologically Modified Cellulose’. 所有的天然纤维都要经过一系列的化学过程才能制成面料和服装, 就像牛仔, they will shed microfibres when they are washed. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版应该停止购买合成人吗? If natural fibres 像棉花 shed as many (or more) microfibres than synthetics fibres like polyester, and they last a long time in the environment, should we stop buying synthetic clothes and only buy natural instead? 这是一些活动家经常提出的论点,他们认为天然纤维是一个更可持续的选择. But based on the latest microfibre research the short answer must be, no. There are other important environmental considerations too. 棉花, 例如, 需要大量的水来生产, mainly due to it being such a thirsty crop to grow. 利未的分析, 十多年前, showed that a single pair of jeans consumed 3,781 litres of water across its entire lifecycle, with almost 70% of that used in just growing cotton. 这比一个普通人三年多的饮水量还要多——而这仅仅是一条牛仔裤. 需要进一步的研究来了解这些“天然”的微纤维在环境中能维持多久, 他们所产生的影响, 最重要的是, what damage they can cause to delicate ecosystems, 野生动物和大发彩神争8下载最新手机版. 但是多伦多对牛仔布微纤维的研究表明,当大发彩神争8下载最新手机版谈论微纤维污染时,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版不能再只谈论微塑料了. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版衣服中的天然纤维可能会给河流带来很大的问题, 海洋, 野生动物和大发彩神争8下载最新手机版. You can read more about the research into denim and microfibres in our Q&A with Samantha Athey, Microfibre Scientist. Or read more about the practical steps you can take to minimise microfibre pollution from your laundry. [可持续性, 服装, 博客, 消费者]

Microfibres: The Problem is Bigger than Plastic

来自天然的微纤维, 就像用来做牛仔裤的棉花, could be just as damaging...
洗衣服, particularly those containing synthetic fibres, is a major source of environmental pollution. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版来看看这个问题,并建议你采取一些简单的步骤来减少它... 有一点讽刺的是,洗衣服会造成污染. 但每次大发彩神争8下载最新手机版洗衣服的时候, 成千上万的微小纤维——被称为微纤维——从大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的衣服上被洗掉, 流入下水道,进入环境. As many as 700,000纤维制成 can be released from a single load of laundry. 据估计,仅在英国,每周至少有9万亿微纤维被排放到废水系统中. A significant number of these pass through water treatment facilities and flow freely into rivers and 海洋 - where they become marine pollution that can be ingested by all kinds of creatures, and enter our food chain and water supplies. Microfibres and Microplastics All our clothes shed fibres when they are washed, regardless of the material they are made from. This will come as no surprise to anyone who owns a tumble dryer. 在烘干机过滤器中被夹住的“绒毛”是同一种材料——衣物纤维——在洗涤时脱落. 其中很大一部分是微塑料——从尼龙和聚酯等合成材料制成的服装上脱落下来的塑料. 由人造纤维制成的服装的好例子包括高性能的运动和户外服装, 以及任何带有拉伸的衣服.  这些合成微纤维有时被称为微塑料纤维(或在美国称为微塑料纤维)!),它们是每年进入海洋的主要微塑料的最大单一来源. 在全球范围内, 大约有500个,这相当于地球上每个人直接向海里扔15个塑料购物袋, 每年. A Growing Problem In many households around the world, washing machines have become essential items. 全世界有上亿种在使用,每年还有数百万种在销售. 根据欧睿信息咨询公司(Euromonitor)的数据,2020年全球销售了超过9500万台自动洗衣机,其中有近2台.在英国售出800万部. That’s a lot of laundry releasing a lot of microfibres and, 随着全球人口的增加, 越来越多的家庭拥有更多的洗衣机,这意味着每天会有更多的微纤维被释放到环境中——直到有人采取措施阻止这种情况的发生. Stopping the Flow A permanent solution will require action at many levels and include: Producing clothes and textiles that don’t shed as many microfibres Buying fewer clothes and washing them less often Developing better wastewater management systems Another obvious place for attention is our washing machines. A very significant proportion of the microfibres released during laundry cycles could be prevented from entering the environment by simply re-engineering washing machines to include filtration technology to prevent microfibre release. But today, there are no washing machines on sale that have this technology. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版认为应该有. 其他人也一样. France recently passed laws that require microplastic filters in all new washing machines by 2025. But until filtration technology is standard in all new washing machines, we will continue to pollute the environment every time we do the laundry. 幸运的是, 有一些简单的, 你可以采取实际步骤来缓解这个问题,直到你能够购买一个包含有效过滤技术的新机器... Keep Clothes for Longer New clothes are great. The first time we wear them they look and feel amazing. Sadly, that look and feel can quickly fade as a result of washing. 但是,尽管它们看起来很好, new clothes also release significantly more microfibres than older garments when they are washed. 在大发彩神争8手机版, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版自己的数据显示,一件新衣服在洗涤5次后脱落的微纤维量是同一件衣服的8倍. After that, microfibre release stabilises at a much lower level. So, 少买些新衣服,把旧衣服保存得更久一些,这样可以大大减少洗涤过程中的超细纤维释放. 为了卫生目的,你需要多久洗一次不同的衣服,关于这个问题有很多争论, and how often you should wash them to get them clean. 牛仔用品公司李维斯(Levi)的首席执行官近日因说自己很少洗牛仔裤而上了新闻头条,而牛仔爱好者们实际上认为根本不应该洗牛仔裤. 很有可能 we all wash garments far more frequently that we need to. 如果每次洗涤产生700,000纤维制成, 更少的洗涤周期将减少释放到环境中的微纤维数量,这是有道理的. 关掉水龙头! One major factor affecting microfibre release is water. 洗涤过程中使用的水越多,就会释放出越多的微纤维. 研究表明,通过减少洗涤循环中使用的水量, the number of microfibres released from garments can be reduced significantly. This simple step can reduce microfibre release by as much as 30%. 但是要注意,一些听起来有用的洗涤方法——比如精细洗涤——实际上会让事情变得更糟. That’s because they use more water and, as a result, more microfibres are shed. Line dry or Tumble dry If you can, you should probably line dry clothes rather than tumble dry them. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的数据显示,虽然滚筒烘干机中的棉绒过滤器可以捕获脱落的纤维, 随着纤维强度的降低,滚转过程可导致较高的脱落率. 虽然, 从环境的角度来看, by far the biggest advantage of line drying is saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 停止购买人工合成物? 许多人支持的一个建议是,停止购买合成纤维服装,只购买使用天然纤维制成的服装. 但是所有的纤维都会脱落微纤维,无论它们是棉花还是尼龙. 很长一段时间以来,研究人员认为天然微纤维无关紧要,因为它们会在环境中降解,而合成材料则不会. But researchers are now questioning whether this is true... Scientists are finding that natural fibres can persist in the environment for a very long time, due to chemical treatments applied during manufacture. Many of the chemicals they are treated with can also be toxic to wildlife. 另外, 所有的微纤维都能吸引环境中已经存在的有害污染物. 在此基础上, it makes no sense to favour natural over synthetic garments – plus, 这片土地, 种植棉花所使用的水和化肥意味着它远不是一个可持续的选择. 有效的机内过滤可以对大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的洗衣房的可持续性产生显著的影响. 到目前为止, 只有一家制造商承诺在新型洗衣机中安装过滤装置, but these machines are not yet available to buy. 环保慈善机构正在游说修改法律,以便所有新的家用洗衣机都能有过滤技术. 在英国, 海洋保护协会正在争取立法强制要求在洗衣机中进行过滤. Supporting their campaign and spreading the word would be a great thing to do. If you’re in the process of choosing or buying a new washing machine, ask the retailer why none of the models they sell have filters fitted as standard (despite all of the models they stock having seemingly glowing environmental ratings) or even better, 直接问制造商. 既然你在做这件事,为什么不联系你的议员,问问他们在这个问题上做了什么? 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版都应该推动制造商在每个产品中安装洗衣机微塑料过滤器. 普利茅斯大学最近的一项研究测试了各种设备防止衣物中微纤维释放的有效性. The results showed that the best washing machine filter, XFiltra (an in-machine filter designed to be installed by manufacturers in new washing machines), 能捕获几乎80%的微纤维, 今天, several companies sell filters that you can buy to plumb into your current washing machine waste pipes - assuming you have the space outside the machine to mount the equipment and the technical know-how to install it (or a good plumber on call), 也有能力负担得起.  然而, Plymouth’s peer-reviewed scientific study showed that these devices, 哪些对机器不是积分的, caught as little as a quarter of the microfibres. 该研究还研究了洗衣袋和洗衣球在防止超细纤维释放方面的效果. The best example prevented just over half of microfibre release and the worst little more than 20%. But even when these products have done their job, how do you collect and dispose of the microfibres they catch? 很有可能, 许多人只是简单地把它们放在水龙头下冲洗——完全击败了这个物体,把这些超细纤维直接冲进了下水道. 它们还会降低洗衣机的容量和洗涤性能,使衣服的洗涤标准低于你通常的预期, and are only designed for use with synthetic garments. Keep it Simple Buying products like external filters and laundry bags help 消费者s take small, 采取积极措施限制洗衣过程中释放的微纤维污染. 但事实上, 简单的步骤,比如少洗衣服和使用低水循环可能会有更大的影响. 其他的想法, like getting clothes manufacturers to perform pre-sale, 对新衣服进行过滤洗涤,以去除最初大量的超细纤维流失, 能显著减少家庭衣物中微纤维的总体释放量吗. Garment manufacturers already perform washing cycles before finished clothes are sold to 消费者s, so simply need to introduce filtration technology into their equipment. 但是最快的, 将家用洗衣房的超细纤维污染降到最低的最廉价措施是将所有洗衣机的过滤技术作为标准. 法国已经通过全面的环境立法迈出了实现这一目标的第一步. If washing machine manufacturers don’t now take a lead on this, 很可能其他国家的政府很快也会效仿法国,强制解决这个问题. A recent statement from the UK’s environment secretary sums it up: ...制造商应利用最新科技保护海洋环境,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版亦会密切检讨强制安装微塑料过滤器的情况. 随着消费者对微纤维污染意识的增强,对过滤技术的支持也在增加. 英国海洋保护协会最近的一项研究发现,大多数人(81%)支持立法强制在洗衣机中添加微纤维过滤器. 但是,在过滤器的安装在工业界广泛应用之前,重要的是,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版都要尽大发彩神争8下载最新手机版所能,尽量减少海洋中的微纤维污染. Our laundry tips can help make a difference. (当然,, 如果你是一个洗衣机制造商或主要零售商,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版还没有谈判, 请联系了解更多大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的过滤技术的好处!) [可持续性, 过滤, 博客, 消费者]

How to stop the microplastics in your clothes polluting the ocean

洗衣服, particularly those containing synthetic fibres, is a major source of environmental...
大发彩神争8手机版的机器过滤设备捕获的微纤维比其他任何设备都多 XFiltra, the innovative washing machine filtration technology from 大发彩神争8手机版 - designed to prevent the release of microplastics from laundry - has been independently verified by scientists at the University of Plymouth as the leading device for reducing the number of microfibres released from washing machines. XFiltra, 是由该大学国际海洋垃圾研究中心的伊莫金·纳珀博士进行测试的, 与其他公司的产品一起衡量它们在捕捉微纤维方面的相对效率, released from clothes during wash cycles, and preventing their subsequent release in wastewater.   The results show that XFiltra performed significantly better than all other products evaluated. 测试, 在合成和合成/棉混纺服装的混合洗涤中,哪些是用来捕获微纤维的, show that XFiltra captured 78% of microfibres released during each wash cycle. Similar independent tests conducted by 大发彩神争8手机版 on purely synthetic garments, 显示x滤芯可以捕获90%以上的微塑料纤维. 普利茅斯大学的报告和测试数据已经过同行评审,并于今天发表在《大发彩神争8下载最新手机版》杂志上. 500年左右,每年有000吨微塑料流入世界海洋,这些塑料来自洗涤含有合成纤维的衣服和纺织品, accounting for 35% of all primary microplastics entering the ocean. 马克·尼克尔斯, 首席执行官克塞洛斯评论说:被丢弃的塑料垃圾对河流和海洋的污染正在以惊人的速度发生. It’s harming wildlife and our precious and finely balanced ecosystems, 洗衣服时产生的微塑料是一个重要的污染源. XFiltra was developed with the objective of eliminating this form of pollution and with the belief that every household and commercial washing machine needs to be fitted with low cost, 使用方便的过滤. We’re delighted that the efficiency of our filtration technology has now been confirmed by independent researchers as a world leading solution which provides every washing machine manufacturer with the ability to make a major contribution to the sustainability of garment lifecycles and our planet. 马克·尼科尔斯,大发彩神争8手机版首席执行官   [可持续性, 新闻, 大发彩神争8手机版技术, Video, 消费者]

XFiltra™ Rated Best Microfibre Filter For Laundry

在过去的5年里,克塞罗斯拯救了887人,275,729 litres of water To mark World Water Day 2019, we have calculated how much water our XOrb™ technology has saved our commercial laundry customers. 在过去的五年里, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的近乎无水的洗衣机, which reduce water use by up to 80 per cent and are certified an Environmentally Preferable Product, 攒了887美元.2 MILLION litres of water – enough to keep the taps running for a year in 5,377 UK households or to power 148 million toilet flushes. 快速增长的, 日益增长的城市化人口正在世界许多地区造成极端的用水压力. 在全球范围内, 超过8.44亿人无法获得清洁用水,到2050年,四分之一的人将受到经常性缺水的影响. Even the UK could face water shortages within 25 years. So, 现在比以往任何时候都更重要的是,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版要努力将水从工业和生产过程转移到最需要的地方, 人. 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版致力于创造一个更加可持续发展的星球,保护和保存大发彩神争8下载最新手机版最宝贵的资源之一——水. Read more about our core purpose and how we’re helping our commercial laundry customers save water.   [可持续性, 清洁, 大发彩神争8手机版技术, 博客, 消费者]

大发彩神争8手机版 saves over 850 million litres of water

在过去的5年里,克塞罗斯拯救了887人,275,729 litres of water To mark World Water Day 2019, we have...
克塞罗斯科技集团呼吁英国政界人士考虑采取措施,减少时尚业对环境的影响. 克塞罗斯科技集团呼吁英国政界人士考虑采取措施,减少时尚业对环境的影响. 在一份提交给英国议会环境审计委员会的关于时尚产业可持续性的书面调查报告中, 那就是检查衣物的资源使用和水足迹,以及如何降低污染水平, 克塞罗斯呼吁议员们考虑如何利用公司的创新技术来支持整个行业的措施,以减少污染和水的消耗. 大发彩神争8手机版正在要求政界人士考虑是否应该在所有新的家用洗衣机上安装过滤器, 在英国销售, 阻止塑料微纤维污染流入世界的河流和海洋. The company also asks whether the environmental labelling used by manufacturers and retailers could be amended to include information about filtration and microfibre pollution to help 消费者s make better choices. 大发彩神争8手机版 has also presented MPs with evidence about how its technology can be used to significantly reduce the amount of water (energy and chemicals) used by textile manufacturers during garment production, ,并要求议员考虑可否修订成衣标签,纳入耗水量的资料, empowering 消费者s to make more informed choices. 大发彩神争8手机版 Technology Group’s written submission can be found here Full details and background to the UK Parliament Inquiry into the sustainability of the fashion industry can be found here [可持续性, 大发彩神争8手机版技术, 博客, 消费者]


公众广泛支持解决全球河流和海洋的塑料超细纤维污染问题, by fitting domestic washing machines with microfiber filters 公众广泛支持解决全球河流和海洋的塑料超细纤维污染问题, by fitting domestic washing machines with microfiber filters, according to a study commissioned by 大发彩神争8手机版 Technology Group, which specialises in making water-intensive industries more sustainable. 现在,洗含有合成纤维(如丙烯酸或聚酯)的衣服是每年进入海洋的塑料微粒污染的最大单一来源. Every time we wash clothes containing synthetic fibres, 多达700人,000块微观, 被称为超细纤维, come off and are released into the environment. Recent campaigns about microfiber pollution have focused on the fashion and textile industries, 挑战他们通过改变他们的来源和生产流程来解决这个问题. 但是一项新的研究表明,100 人 in the UK by the global intelligence platform Streetbees, 是克塞洛斯委托的, suggests that many 人 would prefer a different approach. When 人 were asked to say which potential solutions to microfiber pollution they would support, more 人 opted for fitting microfiber filters to new washing machines (82 per cent) than limiting the use of microfibers in clothing or avoiding buying clothes containing them. The survey also indicates that the majority want to see strong political direction on the issue, with 61 per cent of respondents ‘strongly agreeing’ and 29 per cent ‘slightly agreeing’ that governments should legislate to make microfiber filters mandatory in all new washing machines. 马克·尼克尔斯, Chief Executive Officer of 大发彩神争8手机版 Technology Group said: “Microfibers that come off our clothes are doing as much damage to the marine environment as plastic bags and discarded fishing gear. 每次大发彩神争8下载最新手机版在家洗衣服的时候,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版都在不知不觉中增加了海洋中的超细纤维污染. “Around the world, innovative companies are looking at possible solutions to microfiber pollution. 去年,作为联合国可持续发展目标的一部分,大发彩神争8下载最新手机版承诺为家用洗衣机开发一种超细纤维过滤系统. Having done so and seen what is achievable, 我相信,为所有新洗衣机安装过滤系统,将对解决这个紧迫的问题大有帮助.“Streetbees的这项调查还强调了人们对塑料污染的关注程度, 越来越多的人(92%)认为这是一个严重而紧迫的环境问题,而不是全球变暖等其他问题, 森林砍伐和过度捕捞. 然而, the study also suggests a need for more public education on how microfibers are contributing to the problem because more than half of respondents (58 per cent) did not know that washing clothes containing synthetic fibres resulted in plastic microfibers being released into the environment. 只有三分之一(31%)的受访者认为微纤维是海洋塑料污染的主要来源, far fewer than those identifying rubbish such as plastic bottles, 吸管和丢弃的渔具. The survey also found low levels of knowledge of the impact microfibers are having on humans with: 53 per cent not knowing that microfibers are entering the food chain after being 摄取的浮游生物, and 57 per cent not aware of studies showing microfibers present in drinking water 马克·尼克尔斯 continues: “With so many 人 concerned about the impact of microfiber pollution, 大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的调查显示,绝大多数公众支持在新型洗衣机上安装超细纤维过滤器,这是一个潜在的解决方案, 政治家和工业界现在就必须行动起来,帮助消费者做出积极的选择,解决这种看不见的塑料污染.” An infographic providing more information on XFiltra™ can be found here A video about microfibers pollution and washing machine filtration can be found here [1] http://portals.世界自然保护联盟.org/library/sites/library/files/documents/2017-002.pdf [2] http://www.普利茅斯.ac.uk/news/washing-clothes-releases-thousands-of-microplastic-particles-into-environment-study-shows [新闻, 大发彩神争8手机版技术, 博客, 消费者]

Study Finds Public Support for Microfiber Filters in Washing Machines

There is wide-spread public support to tackle the issue of plastic microfiber pollution in the...
任何还没有意识到塑料污染大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的河流和海洋的人都必须把头埋在沙子里. 《大发彩神争8手机版》和《大发彩神争8手机版》等节目出色地向大发彩神争8下载最新手机版展示了废弃塑料对环境造成的可怕破坏. 令人心碎的鲸鱼图片, 海豹, and dolphins caught in discarded fishing gear, or sea birds dying after eating plastic bottle tops and cigarette lighters, are enough to make us all want to do something to stop it. 这只是大发彩神争8下载最新手机版能看到的塑料. Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic flows freely into the world’s marine environments unseen. Many of us are familiar with microplastics and the damage they can cause. 但塑料微粒污染的最大来源是大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的衣服:被称为超细纤维的微小合成纤维. 文章首次发表于A市.M 11.10.18 http://www.cityam.com/265309/laundry-biggest-source-microplastic-pollution-heres-we Clothing companies like Patagonia and researchers at the University of Plymouth have shown how – every time we wash clothes containing synthetic fibres such as nylon, 聚酯纤维和丙烯酸纤维从纤维中分离出来,释放到环境中. This amounts to hundreds of thousands of fibres from each wash. Simply by doing our laundry, we are all, unwittingly, adding to the issue of plastic pollution. But just because we can’t see microfibers, doesn’t mean we can ignore them. Scientists have shown microfibers are already entering the food chain, 摄取的浮游生物, 然后被鱼和贝类吃掉,然后才被送到超市货架上. Recent campaigns about microfiber pollution have tended to focus attention on the fashion industry, urging manufacturers to switch to more sustainable textiles. 这是解决方案的一部分. But this issue is too serious for just one industry to solve. We must work together to find the most effective long-term solutions. 也许最简单和最有效的解决办法之一是找到一种方法来阻止大发彩神争8下载最新手机版的洗衣机中的超细纤维进入大海. 但是,大多数水处理厂并没有配备过滤这种小纤维的设备, and technology enabling them to do would be prohibitively expensive. 一些创新公司正在研究如何在洗衣机中加入超细纤维,方法是在洗涤前把所有的衣服都放进一个袋子里. 还有一些人设计了一些物品,这些物品可以和衣服一起放进机器里,试着在衣服脱落时抓住这些超细纤维. 克塞洛斯公司的工程师们已经开发出一种装置,可以在机器排出污水之前将所有的污水过滤掉, capturing more than 99 per cent of microfibers from your wash. Whatever the solution is to microfiber pollution, it needs to be as simple and cost-effective as possible for 消费者s. 我相信为所有的新洗衣机安装过滤系统将会有很大的帮助. 与此同时, 政治家们还必须解决所有新型白色家电的环境标签问题,以使其符合要求. 消费者还需要被授权就所购买商品对环境的全面影响做出知情的选择. This government has shown its willingness to tackle plastic pollution. I applaud it for tackling issues, such single-use plastics and banning microbeads in cosmetics. But it urgently needs to address microfiber pollution from laundry, and help us all find a simple and effective solution to this critical issue. 清理大发彩神争8下载最新手机版共享的世界, 为子孙后代保护它, 是每个人的责任. 文章首次发表于A市.M 11.10.18 http://www.cityam.com/265309/laundry-biggest-source-microplastic-pollution-heres-we (新闻、博客、消费者)


Anyone who is yet to wake up to the issue of plastic polluting our rivers and seas must have their...
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